Friday, October 31, 2014

Solar Screens Insulate Windows

Winter is coming, and we experience great variations in temperature as cold fronts blow in and dissipate.

Variations in temperature mean that we may turn on the AC one day, and then the heater the next. Solar screens help homeowners save by insulating windows any time of year, thus reducing heating and cooling costs.

Solar screens insulate with convection

Convection is the flow of thermal energy through gas or liquids.  Liquids and gases are not very good conductors of thermal energy. 

Solar screens utilize the same principle as double paned windows

Liquids and gases are so bad at transferring heat or cold that they are considered thermal insulators. This is the same principle behind the use of double paned windows because air, a gas, resides between the two panes of glass and acts as an insulator.

Insulate the weak point: windows

Windows are our weakest point in the battle to keep the interior of the home heated in the winter and cooler in the summer.

This image taken using an infrared camera (from energy.gov) shows red and yellow where heat loss occurs during winter. By insulating our windows we shore up this weak point and save on heating and cooling costs.

Solar screens equal year round savings

Solar screens keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Solar screens work by insulating windows and are useful year round for reducing heating and cooling costs.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Austin: Is Your Back Porch Screened & Ready?

Screens are a necessity in Austin, we simply can't open our windows to enjoy the beautiful weather without them, and once they are torn or ripped troublesome insects seem to find their way in.

Below is an example of a custom, Austin, re-screen project for an older porch. Re-screening is available for almost any window or porch project.

Austin Affordable Screens & Glass custom porch re-screen project

About this Custom Austin Porch Re-Screen

This project is a special case because this old 70's era back porch in Austin is split into varying sized 'windows', requiring a custom build solution.

Note the lighter colored wood surrounding each screen in this in progress image of the porch re-screen above.

These lighter colored wood splines are placed on either side of the screening material to hold it into each window. Later, the entire porch was repainted. Just visible to the left of the porch is the screen door which also has a new insect screen.
Repair a Torn Screen

For this project we used standard aluminum screening material.

Solar screens are also another popular option in Austin. Solar screens make a great choice when re-screening because they also provide shade.

In either case, whether it is solar screens or standard screens, each protect from bothersome insects and debris.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Porch and Patio

Enjoy Austin Porch and Patio Enclosures

Enjoying the Screen Porch

Beautiful fall weather is just around the corner. Is your patio ready? 

Get your patio in tip top shape, or add a new screened enclosure and enjoy Austin's wonderful fall and winter weather. Custom screens and re-screens available.

Add Screens
Custom Screened Porch Austin, Texas

No screened porch? No problem. Affordable Screens & Glass can add patio screens to your existing home porch.

To the right is an example of a custom screened enclosure added to an existing second story Austin porch.

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Solar screen porch enclosure viewing out


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Email: office@clearchoiceaustin.com
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