Friday, August 14, 2015

Life Pro Tip: Preventing Foggy Glass

I'm in the window business so I see a lot of foggy glass. Once your glass has failed it's too late, but can foggy glass be prevented?

The key to reducing the chances of a failed foggy glass window is shade.

How does shade help to prevent foggy window failures?
Foggy glass occurs when condensation builds inside windows as the air between the panes cools and heats throughout the cycle of day and night. Windows that accumulate more heat throughout the day are more likely to fail faster.
If your windows are unshaded or sun struck, we recommend solar screens rather than window films. Solar screens block up to 90% of the sun's energy, and, because they don't rest against your window, the heat is dissipated harmlessly into the air. Read more about why we choose solar screens over window films here.

LPT: reduce the chances of foggy glass by shading your windows.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Solar screens versus window film - cut summertime heat and AC bills

Affordable Screens & Glass chooses solar screens over solar films. Why do we choose to install solar screens and not window film?

Choosing between solar screens and window film can be confusing. Solar screens and window film both filter light and heat to save money on high summertime electricity bills, provide daytime privacy and filter out harmful UV rays. Both products are recommended by the City of Austin for single paned windows. The main differences are double paned windows and film reflectivity.

Double paned window, solar screens versus window films
  • Solar screens are recommended for double pane windows while window films can cause double pane windows to break or void the manufacturer's warranty.
    From the Florida Solar Energy Center: "...many double pane window manufacturers void their warranties if the homeowner puts a window film on their product. One reason for this is that when the film gets hot, it makes the pane it is affixed to get hot as well. The glass expands, and expands more than the outer glass without the film. This difference in expansion can create stresses in the window which in worst cases can cause the window to break, through no fault of the window."

Window film reflectivity

Currently we're sticking with solar screens for the local Austin area. Once the double pane window manufacturers stop voiding their warranties and the issues with reflectivity and/or odd colorations are sorted out we will analyze the solar film market and consider offering it in addition to solar screens. In the meantime, enjoy savings for now with 30% off our custom solar screens and for years to come.